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PDF is a way of storing documents - and this project has generated many of them! 

(You need a PDF reader to see them)

    Here are some of the more important ones. 

Here is the poster for the share offer.

Here is a questions and answers document - it has the text that will appear in the prospectus. Note that it has not been legally verified. We have a printed handout, and have given out thousands of copies at events, but the share offering is making it rather obsolete so we will not print more.

Here are the Rules of the society, approved by the FCA, and this is the official document to show that we are FCA registered.

Here is the directors' report for our first AGM, in November 2013. 

   Planning permission documents:

The design and access statement is the introductory document.

This big file (6 MB) is all the supporting statements that are listed in the planning guide, and here are the architects' drawings.

Here is the eco survey (3MB), and a separate cable route eco survey (3MB), and there is a separate bat survey

Here is the document that gives us planning permission. (Lots of conditions in it but we should be able to live with them.)

Here is the planning officer's report, prepared for the planning committee meeting, and here is the appendix that contains the accompanying drawings that go with the planning permission.

    Environment Agency documents: 

Here is the Environment Agency licence (lots of conditions in this too),
    and the EA's responses to the comments sent in by the public.

Here is the Flood Defence Consent.

For providing white water for conoeing, here is the joint proposal, and a technical note showing how it could be provided.

   Engineering drawings: 

These were produced purely for the planning application and are provided for illustration only. In particular the fish pass will not be as shown.

Drawing 001 is the general arrangement of the site.
Drawing 002 is the general arrangement of the screws.

The next four are only for reference or completeness:

Drawing 003 is the fish pass inlet, which will be redesigned.
Drawing 004 is the fish pass outlet, which will be redesigned.
Drawing 005 is the fish pass channel, which will change completely.
Drawing 010 was a possible access route, but it was rejected for heavy traffic, and it divides the park.

Drawing 011 shows a Thames Path diversion using a pontoon bridge along the stream.
Drawing 014 shows the access route for light vehicles through the park, the route from Audlett Drive, and working and storage areas.
Drawing 015 shows an alternative way of diverting the Thames Path diversion, in two phases.
And here is the method statement that outlined how to put it all together. 

    Tax relief:

Here is an information sheet on the Enterprise Investment Scheme,
    and here is one on the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme.
but they were written before the last budget.

HM Revenue & Customs have produced a guide that covers a lot of ground, here: