(Who's he? Sorry if you wondered, his title won't fit in the news column!). Ed Davey is the Minister of State for the Department of Energy and Climate Change. He came to see us, as part of a visit to Abingdon and Oxford, to find out more about community energy projects. This is something he wants to encourage, so it was a cheerful occasion, and an opportunity to pass on our concerns. The site was impressive with so much water pouring over the weir.

Abingdon Hydro is seen as a trailbazer, which is pleasing, although it seems to be mainly because we took only 2 years to get our Environment Agency licence! It really helps that we have a good site and a good agent, but it is a sad reflection on the EA that most projects take so many years. There is a limit to what a minister from a different department can do, but a bit of pressure from the top should help. There is a BBC South report on the visit on our videos page.

Ed Davey visit