electricity substationOur electricity goes into the national grid. It can be sold as green electricity, at the wholesale price, but we would get a better price by finding a big customer who could take most of it, if not all. There are two possibles nearby, but nothing is agreed yet. 

The connection to the grid is one essential that must not be overlooked - a generator is no good if it can't be connected. There is a big ring main running along Audlett Drive, and our site is quite close

Here is a Google view of Audlett Drive and to the south, with the preferred cable run in orange. The exact route has not been confirmed yet, but it is approximately right.

cable run map

At the north end is a meter unit, and we have to pay Scottish and Southern Electricity to install it. It would be in the grass between the Thames Water enclosure and the Health and Wellbeing day centre. 

 Then our contractor would take a cable south from there, through the woodland, which belongs to the District Council, to the footbridge. This is a convenient place for it to cross the Abbey Stream, either strapped to the footbridge, or under the stream, which would cost more. 

The length, a bit more than 200m, is short enough that a low voltage connection can be used without significant power loss. That means a much fatter cable but no transformers, so it works out cheaper than a high voltage connection.