This page was written before our share offer, when we were accepting "pre-investment" to fund us through all the regulatory work. To buy shares, please go to the Shares page. 

Why invest?

An enterprise like this is not just about money. It is about sharing in a project that will be an asset to our town, an educational resource, and contribute to a community fund, as well as generating green electricity and paying a competitive rate of interest. Unlike most investments, with this one you know exactly where your money is going and what it is doing.


At present we have been running on pre-payments now in exchange for a promise of shares later, with 10% extra as a thank you for taking a chance with us. Our costs are being covered, and it should last until the share offer.

For pre-investments we set a minimum of £100. For the actual share offer the minimum will be higher. Click here for a document giving information for prospective investors. It is not a proper legal prospectus though. 

 Please note:

 For the time being this page has been left as is, but we are no longer offering 10% extra shares. This is because we probably have enough to keep going through to the share offer and we don't want to give away more free shares than necessary. Also note that the document above is now out of date.

Thank you to those who have invested!

Co-operatives: handshake

Legally we are a co-operative, and that is not a very familiar type of business in this country. However they have a lot to commend them. There is more on the legal page. The idea is to spread the control by limiting the size of the shareholding, and the shareholders, who are called members, have one vote whatever the size of their shareholding. The directors are elected by the members.We are also benefit of the community, which means the company belongs to the local community and cannot be sold off.

Co-operatives UK have produced a helpful guide for people thinking of buying shares in a community enterprise. (Formerly linked at, but now moved)

But we will not be selling shares until we are able to write a full prospectus and get it checked over legally.

If you are thinking of investing

If you are not already on the mailing list, please send an email or click 'Join' in the dark blue band at the top of this page, and fill in the form with such information as you want to give. It does not give you any extra access to this web site (not until a forum is created anyway), but it gives us your email address so we can send updates. We have had local meetings for prospective investors and will have more.