By the end of 2014 the share launch had brought in a good number of members, and we were approaching the time when the society rules required an AGM. So we called one in January 2015. Well over 100 members came.


It had been a very busy time, and we were not well prepared. The result was a meeting that brought both embarrassment and encouragement. The financial accounts were only just ready, our treasurer had started a new job that involved much travelling, and when he arrived at the last minute he found that the figures in front of him, just printed, did not match the figures he had. Also the engineering presentation had only just been done and we had not seen it in advance. Their estimated costs for the design work were higher than expected, and we were not prepared for that.


The members, understandably and rightly, questioned us closely. However we were very encouraged that a vote, to continue with the project and accept higher costs, was approved, with overwhelming support.

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