This was one of our weak spots. But in March 2013 I got a call from a man who was taking a career break from civil engineering, to do an MSc in renewable energy, and could he see me about it? We were just 2 minutes walk away! This was a helpful relationship on both sides. He visited several operating projects, found some serious problems at some sites, and identified pitfalls for us to avoid.


He then helped us through the first stage of identifying possible contractors. After that however he got a full time job with a lot of travelling, so from late in 2014 he became unable to help any more.


This was about the time we were preoccupied with the share offer, so we had an urgent need for some hand holding on the engineering front. Help came through a personal contact, recently retired from a consultancy that reckoned they could do it.


So they got started, going through the existing drawings and permissions to see what had to be done. Essentials that we wanted from them were a better understanding of what costs to expect, and a presentation for the society members.


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