Here are some landmarks from the recent past 
(and a few pictures to prove it!)

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12 February 2016: Telling the story

18 September 2015: Out for tender

9 August 2015: Engineering consultancy at work

21 March 2015: A stall at the ATOM festival

8 February 2015Clearing the site  

23 January 2015Our first proper Annual General Meeting! 

22 November 2014Last 2 public events before the share launch ends

1 November 2014The launch day finally arrives!

31 October 2014: the BBC came to film us

4 May 2014: share launch date decided

28 June 2014:stands at the Science Festival and Air & Country Show

25 March 2014:arrival of screw for Osney Lock Hydro

31 January 2014:connection offer from the electricity network operator

25 November 2013: another high profile visit

30 October: planning permission granted!

30 September: at the dragon boat racing, 30 Sept-12 Oct: in the community shop, 26 October: at the Eco Fair

11 June: the planning permission application is in

5 May: the Air and Country Show, 1 June: Fun in the Park

8 April: the Osney Lock share offer is opened; 11 May: and closed, successfully

7 March: visit by the Secretary of State, Department of Energy and Climate Change

7 February: modification in the licence granted by the Environment Agency. 

11 January 2013: more info needed by the planners, so we withdraw for now. 

14 November 2012: (well, since the 1st actually) planning permission open for submissions. 

23 October: the OCVA award ceremony. 

9 October: the conversion from a CIC to an IPS was approved.

4 October: sent in the application for planning permission.

14 September: HMRC approved our Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme application

9 September: We had a pitch at the Dragon Boat Day

21 May: We were granted an Environment Agency licence

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